Slovenia Nature Adventure and Road Trip!

Slovenia is by far, without a doubt, one of the most incredible places I have ever been. I would highly recommend a spring visit, as it was before the tourist season, which made the 1.2 lane swerving, cliff flirting roads, a little less scary. Also, everything was in full bloom, and the birds were singing! Once you get there, the prices are amazing, and the food is the best I've ever had. We ate gourmet every day for around $15 per person! Here's a look at our itinerary and some of my favorite photos:

Day 1: Wake up in Zagreb, Croatia; Drive to Ljubljana Slovenia for lunch- try to catch it when they have an amazing street gourmet food festival!; Arrive in Bled; Dinner at the Amazing Garden Village - a great place for Glamping! 

Day 2: 5:30am Sunrise hike to Mala Osojnica; Drive to Bohinj lake for some amazing reflections; a hike up to Slap Savica; A wild drive to our adorable air bnb in Podmelec Slovenia in a converted farm house

Day 3: Brunch at Kamp Lazar; Hike Slap Kosjak (most special hike on the trip); Drove to Triglarski National Park in search of Cerkev Sv. Suha na Javorci but Carol's toe was injured and it was raining, so we opted out of the walk up the hill and explored some nearby mounds and ruins; Dinner in Most na Soči; Sunset in Podmelec