Road trip through beautiful Croatia!

After exploring Slovenia, and a little bitta Italy (Udine and Cividale del Friuli), we made our way to Croatia. It was wild how much hotter, brighter, and dryer it was. We could barely keep our eyes open without dark sunglasses! Here is our itinerary along with some of my favorite photos!

Day 1: Drive from Udine, Italy to Momjan Croatia where we stayed at the Bike Hostel at the very top of the city. Alex bravely jumped into a freezing, Fern Gully-esque waterfall. We had dinner at Konoba Rino. 

Day 2: Truffle hunting in a secret location near Momjan; Sunset at Momjan Castle; Dinner at Starry Podrum

Day 3: Drive to Rovinj for a quick look; Lunch at Opatija (really beautiful coastal town); Sunset at our air bnb in Senj, Croatia

Day 4: Plitvicka Park waterfall - amazing, don't miss it; went to Bosnia in search of Martin Brod but of course a road was closed; Air bnb in Čatrnja; Dinner at Restauran Plum

Day 5: Carol goes on a walk around air bnb and learns about SNAKES; Coffee at Plum, Beautiful drive back to the coast, to Zadar Croatia; Pag Island adventure; Explore Old Town Zadar; Dinner at Kantuna

Day 6: Drive to Split; Krka National Park; Air bnb at Split, Croatia; Explore Old Town Split

Day 7: Wall of Ston; Drive to Zatan Mali; an evening walk in Dubrovnik