Casaletto Family Portrait

We had a great time photographing the Casaletto family at their home in North Chelmsford, MA! The weather was perfect and we had an awesome time exploring their yard and the surrounding forest for great places to take photos. We even got to see their old tree house. The Casaletto's happiness was contagious, making it such a pleasure to work with them. We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do!

Kelley and Jeremy's Wedding at the Casa Larga Winery in Fairport, New York

Kelley and Jeremy were married at Casa Larga Winery in Fairport, New York with the most weather variability and magic of any wedding we’ve shot to date. I mean, who is lucky enough to get bright sun, dramatic clouds, rays of light, rainbows, and soft lighting for portraits, all in one day? The day began at the hotel where Kelley and Jeremy got ready separately, nerves a buzz for the big day. Everyone was dressed in record timing, so we dove right into the first look- in the picnic area behind the hotel. As soon as they saw each other, their nerves evaporated, and Kelley and Jeremy were ready to be married! First though, formal photos! We met up with the bridal party at the Sunken Gardens in Highland Park in Rochester NY, an absolutely stunning ruin-esque area, closed to the public for the hour. Exploring the Sunken Gardens was a photographer’s dream- balanced lighting, dramatic rock archways and staircases, giant trees, and perfectly kept fauna. After, we made our way to Casa Larga for the wedding and reception. Rain kept us inside for the ceremony, nice and cozy for friends and family to watch Kelley and Jeremy say their vows. Kelley and Jeremy lucked out with the skies, perfect for exploring the vineyards, and when the drizzle began, we got the privilege of exploring the wine cellar! Afterwards, family portraits were taken in perfect lighting on the dance floor in the reception space, facing the massive floor to ceiling windows, while guests enjoyed the cocktail hour. The reception began with introductions and touching toasts, followed by an incredible dinner and a magnificent sunset. After dinner the dancing began- and dance they did! Friends and family smiled, laughed, and danced to their hearts content- and even managed to all pose perfectly for a photo of literally, everyone. The day and night were a blast, and my team was honored to be there. Congratulations Kelley and Jeremy, we wish you the best of luck!

Annette and Jason's Wedding at the Warfield House Inn in Charlemont, MA

Annette and Jason were married at the Warfield House in Charlemont, Massachusetts on a stunning summer day. The couple picked this specific spot in Western Massachusetts for their space themed wedding (yes, I really said space themed wedding!) in hopes of seeing as many stars as possible on their wedding night. And, it was totally worth it- be sure to scroll all the way to the end of these photos, as you won’t want to miss the grand finale, trust me. Annette and Jason got ready for their big day in separate wings of the gorgeous and modern inn. While makeup was applied and ties tied, Annette sipped unicorn seltzer, Jason waited anxiously, and Starbuck, their adorable corgi was very well behaved sitting on the porch with a flower collar. Once everyone was ready, Jason and Annette did their first look and formals by a quaint red barn. The wedding was held on a perfect spot, overlooking the entire expanse of mountains, with the altar on the edge. Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed lawn games, a neat space themed Photo Booth, wedding themed drinks, and an alpaca. One of my favorite touches was the wedding favors- eclipse glasses- since it was the day before the solar eclipse! As sun was setting, we did another set of couple portraits, Moon Stick and Lightsaber included, working with the landscape to make it look other worldly. But we weren’t done yet! After the corgi toss, shots, cake cutting, and dancing, the sky became dark enough to show the stars…and wow, were there stars! Annette and Jason were patient enough to totally nail a super unique portrait…with the Milky Way! All in all, it was an incredible space wedding- one we will never forget. Congratulations Annette and Jason (and Starbuck), we absolutely loved capturing your big day, and wish you the best of luck!

Nora and Aaron's Wedding in Geneseo, NY

Nora and Aaron were married in Nora’s hometown, Geneseo, New York, on a sparkling summer day. First, Nora got ready with the ladies and Aaron got ready with the men and boys at the Hampton Inn and Suites on Lakeville Road in Geneseo. After the dress and custom jewelry was donned, Nora and her maid of honor headed to her parents’ house on Second Street. Nora’s parents, Eileen and Tom, have a beautiful, quaint, artistic home, curated perfectly for the first look (and later, reception). While Nora waited in the living room occasionally peeking out from behind the curtains, Aaron placed himself on the lawn, facing away from the house. As Nora descended from the porch, and made her way across the lawn, you could see the phases of emotions crossing each of their faces. The first look was quiet and sweet, and the two seemed filled with confidence about the adventure that lay ahead. Sneaking away into different cars hiding from onlookers, Aaron and Nora made their way to the historic Riviera theater on Center Street in Geneseo, NY for their ceremony. The Riviera, an aging empty theater during Nora’s childhood, was recently renovated to be fully functional again. The interior is beautiful and made a romantic and fun setting for the wedding. As guests arrived, they were pointed to the concession stand, where everything was on the house- best day at the movies ever! After grabbing a snack, guests picked their seats on the first floor and balcony. Nora’s dad Tom took full advantage of the movie theater setting, starting off with a custom concert and movie compilation of wedding fails. Guests were laughing so hard they cried, as Nora and Aaron waited nervously in the entrance. Once it was truly showtime, Tom took his place center stage as the officiant, and Nora was escorted down by her mother Eileen. The ceremony was heartfelt and sweet, and afterward, Nora and Aaron held hands and cheered along with guests- big smiles all around. Next, we got a must-have shot of the wedding party at the recently restored bear fountain on Main Street, Geneseo. For formal photos we went to the Wadsworth Homestead at 4 South Street. A summer of rain has the Homestead grounds lush and rich, perfect for stunning wedding photos, so we had a blast exploring! After formals, it was time to party! The reception was held at Nora’s childhood home, where the backyard had been transformed into party town with a bar, lawn games, and a beautiful big tent! For the remainder of the night, Nora and Aaron, and their family and friends enjoyed dancing, delicious food, a bon fire, and desserts too good to resist (if you were there, you know what I mean ;). The whole day was filled with love and so much happiness, we had a great time capturing it! Congratulations Nora and Aaron, we are so happy for you and wish you the best of luck!!

Family Portrait at Harvard University

Patrizia, Steven, Chloe, Mira, and I met up before sunset at the Harvard University campus. The first thing the girls had in mind was climbing a very strange squiggly tree. Chloe and Mira always surprise me with how strong and adventurous they are. After playing in the tree we made our way to some beautiful flower gardens and Chloe even got a flower crown! The rest of the evening was spent exploring statues, dancing, running, rolling around, and trying out all sorts of new ideas. All four of them did great and were up for anything. I really enjoy these photos and I hope that you do too! Until next time Patrizia, Steven, Chloe, and Mira.

Summer Headshots

This summer we got to work with a lot of cool young professionals looking for head shots, LinkedIn portraits, and photos. Check out some of our favorites below!