Jaime and Mike's Wedding at the Wadsworth Homestead in Geneseo, NY

Jaime and Mike were married on a perfect summer day at the Wadsworth Homestead. The day began at Envy Salon on Main Street in Geneseo, where the ladies drank mimosas while the stylist created incredible hairdo’s, including an amazing wrap around braid. After makeup was applied to the beautiful Jaime, the party moved to the Wadsworth Homestead. Meanwhile, the men snuck out to lunch so Jaime and Mike did not see each other. At the Homestead, on the second floor, dresses were donned, buttons sewed on, and final touches were performed. In the afternoon, we made our way to St. Mary’s Church in Geneseo for the ceremony. The sun shone through the beautiful stained glass windows for the entire touching and sweet ceremony. After Mike and Jaime said their vows, we returned to the Homestead for photos of the wedding party and family. Afterwards, Jaime and Mike were brave and adventurous enough to take a walk through the tall grasses, among the oak trees for magazine worthy portraits. The cocktail hour was festive, sprinkled with modern decorations, hors d’oeuvres, and colorful lawn games. Next, guests made their way through the South lawn and gardens to the tent, where dinner was served. Jaime, Mike, and their friends and family impressed on the dance floor, full of joy, energy, and excitement, all to celebrate a stunning and inspiring marriage between Mike and Jaime. Congratulations Mike and Jaime, we feel lucky that we had the opportunity to capture your day, we wish you the best, and please enjoy your photos!

Scott and Sue's Engagement Session at Stony Brook Park in Western New York

Crista and I met up with Scott and Sue at Stony Brook park in Dansville, NY on a very warm summer day. Although it was 90+ degrees elsewhere, the trees and water provided a break from the heat. We explored the beautiful rock staircases, pausing in mossy areas. Walking along the water, Sue warned me that it wouldn't be long until she got into the water...and she was right! I have never seen someone's whole being light up as much, so quickly, as when Sue leaped into the stream. As she led Scott across the stream, they both laughed and smiled, clearly so happy together. Scott and Sue have known each other a long time, and you can tell when you watch them do anything together, like explore new areas, or play in deep water at the base of a waterfall. Towards the end of our session, Scott and Sue showed me the rock where they got engaged, a perfect spot at the foot of a giant falls. The love between Sue and Scott is so easy to see, and we are really looking forward to capturing the next step in their relationship, their wedding, in September!

Raman and Shradha Engagement Session in Piers Park, East Boston

I met Raman and Shradha at Pier's Park in East Boston a couple hours before sunset on a warm summer night. First, we explored the residential area, finding brick, blue, and green backdrops for their evening stroll. As the sun met the horizon, we made our way down the pier and looked out at the water and the Boston skyline. Raman and Shradha make a wonderful couple- best of luck with your wedding, and enjoy your photos! 

Stephanie and Casey's Wedding at the Smith Barn in Peabody, MA

Stephanie and Casey were married on a beautiful sunny June day at the Smith Barn, Brooksby Farm in Peabody, MA. Seeking shade from the sun, we first explored a small forest near the ceremony location. Stephanie and Casey were perfectly styled with a classic elegance that suited both of them perfectly. The ceremony was held behind the house, in front of gorgeous flora and fauna. After they said their vows, everyone made their way to the stunning barn where guests enjoyed cocktails and delicious hours d'oeuvres. Next, the newlyweds had their first dance as wives, followed by touching speeches, cake cutting, father-daughter dances, and bouquet tosses. Right before sunset, we headed into the vineyard for golden-hour portraits. When we made our way back into the barn, it was time to dance, and dance they did! We have rarely seen such an enthusiastic, skilled, and fun group of guests! The night was spectacular and dazzling. Congratulations Stephanie and Casey- enjoy this sneak peak of your photos! 

Mike and Diane's Milton MA Wedding

Mike and Diane were married on a beautifully overcast summer day in June. While Diane donned her laurel crown, Mike made sure every detail was perfectly set at the 1st Parish Church in Milton Massachusetts. Their service was beautiful, highlighted by music performed and readings done by family. After the ceremony, guests headed to the creative and modern Steel and Rye in Milton for the reception. Throughout the night of excellent food, family and friends offered incredible poetry, some new, some classic, and some original! Congratulations Diane and Mike, thank you for having us take part in your elegant and beautiful wedding!

Keara and Tara's Boston City Hall Wedding

I met Keara and Tara in the Boston City Hall on a wildly windy Thursday afternoon. Keara and Tara had been together for many years, and decided to make it official due to having to live apart for the next couple months. Sweetly, both of them surprised each other with personalized proposals on Thursday morning, so when I found them, they were sitting on a bench fiddling with their new rings anxiously awaiting the ceremony. When their names were called, we made our way past the desks to the office, where they went over the details then took their places in front of the bookshelf. All at once the reality and weight of the moment hit as they each said their vows smiling; full of joy, excitement, and confidence in their choice to be together. After the ceremony they cheered, grabbed the paperwork, and with a skip in their step exited the offices for a post-ceremony portrait session. While the hurricane-like weather outside may have intimidated us at first, we quickly got creative and made the best of it, ending being thankful for the soft lighting and rain. After finding some surprisingly interesting and unique settings inside city hall, we made our way to the Boston Public Gardens. The gardens, usually swarming with people, were practically empty, which was incredible! Balancing a camera, backpack, and umbrella may have proved challenging, but it was totally worth it. Congratulations Keara and Tara, it was wonderful working with such a loving and inspirational couple- enjoy your photos!