Kelley and Jeremy's Wedding at the Casa Larga Winery in Fairport, New York

Kelley and Jeremy were married at Casa Larga Winery in Fairport, New York with the most weather variability and magic of any wedding we’ve shot to date. I mean, who is lucky enough to get bright sun, dramatic clouds, rays of light, rainbows, and soft lighting for portraits, all in one day? The day began at the hotel where Kelley and Jeremy got ready separately, nerves a buzz for the big day. Everyone was dressed in record timing, so we dove right into the first look- in the picnic area behind the hotel. As soon as they saw each other, their nerves evaporated, and Kelley and Jeremy were ready to be married! First though, formal photos! We met up with the bridal party at the Sunken Gardens in Highland Park in Rochester NY, an absolutely stunning ruin-esque area, closed to the public for the hour. Exploring the Sunken Gardens was a photographer’s dream- balanced lighting, dramatic rock archways and staircases, giant trees, and perfectly kept fauna. After, we made our way to Casa Larga for the wedding and reception. Rain kept us inside for the ceremony, nice and cozy for friends and family to watch Kelley and Jeremy say their vows. Kelley and Jeremy lucked out with the skies, perfect for exploring the vineyards, and when the drizzle began, we got the privilege of exploring the wine cellar! Afterwards, family portraits were taken in perfect lighting on the dance floor in the reception space, facing the massive floor to ceiling windows, while guests enjoyed the cocktail hour. The reception began with introductions and touching toasts, followed by an incredible dinner and a magnificent sunset. After dinner the dancing began- and dance they did! Friends and family smiled, laughed, and danced to their hearts content- and even managed to all pose perfectly for a photo of literally, everyone. The day and night were a blast, and my team was honored to be there. Congratulations Kelley and Jeremy, we wish you the best of luck!