Elijah's 2 Year Photoshoot at the Museum of Fine Art Boston, and Boston College

Annnd he's back! Bigger and more talkative than ever :) Elijah is now 2 years old, can you believe it?! It's been a while since I saw my most-frequently photographed client, and boy had he grown! We met up with Tamy-Fee and Elijah at the Museum of Fine Art, were Elijah enjoyed the water fountains, beautiful trees, and giant statues. The two strolled down beautiful paths, and had so many laughs together! Next we made our way to Tamy-Fee's Alma Mater, Boston College (BC). At BC we explored a Labyrinth, the gorgeous church, and other buildings close to Tamy-Fee's heart with amazing architecture. Elijah is an incredibly smart 2 year old- he can already recognize and name each number, and every letter of the alphabet! Happy Birthday Elijah, I am loving watching you grow and capturing the process along the way.