Annette and Jason's Wedding at the Warfield House Inn in Charlemont, MA

Annette and Jason were married at the Warfield House in Charlemont, Massachusetts on a stunning summer day. The couple picked this specific spot in Western Massachusetts for their space themed wedding (yes, I really said space themed wedding!) in hopes of seeing as many stars as possible on their wedding night. And, it was totally worth it- be sure to scroll all the way to the end of these photos, as you won’t want to miss the grand finale, trust me. Annette and Jason got ready for their big day in separate wings of the gorgeous and modern inn. While makeup was applied and ties tied, Annette sipped unicorn seltzer, Jason waited anxiously, and Starbuck, their adorable corgi was very well behaved sitting on the porch with a flower collar. Once everyone was ready, Jason and Annette did their first look and formals by a quaint red barn. The wedding was held on a perfect spot, overlooking the entire expanse of mountains, with the altar on the edge. Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed lawn games, a neat space themed Photo Booth, wedding themed drinks, and an alpaca. One of my favorite touches was the wedding favors- eclipse glasses- since it was the day before the solar eclipse! As sun was setting, we did another set of couple portraits, Moon Stick and Lightsaber included, working with the landscape to make it look other worldly. But we weren’t done yet! After the corgi toss, shots, cake cutting, and dancing, the sky became dark enough to show the stars…and wow, were there stars! Annette and Jason were patient enough to totally nail a super unique portrait…with the Milky Way! All in all, it was an incredible space wedding- one we will never forget. Congratulations Annette and Jason (and Starbuck), we absolutely loved capturing your big day, and wish you the best of luck!