Scott and Sue's Engagement Session at Stony Brook Park in Western New York

Crista and I met up with Scott and Sue at Stony Brook park in Dansville, NY on a very warm summer day. Although it was 90+ degrees elsewhere, the trees and water provided a break from the heat. We explored the beautiful rock staircases, pausing in mossy areas. Walking along the water, Sue warned me that it wouldn't be long until she got into the water...and she was right! I have never seen someone's whole being light up as much, so quickly, as when Sue leaped into the stream. As she led Scott across the stream, they both laughed and smiled, clearly so happy together. Scott and Sue have known each other a long time, and you can tell when you watch them do anything together, like explore new areas, or play in deep water at the base of a waterfall. Towards the end of our session, Scott and Sue showed me the rock where they got engaged, a perfect spot at the foot of a giant falls. The love between Sue and Scott is so easy to see, and we are really looking forward to capturing the next step in their relationship, their wedding, in September!