Keara and Tara's Boston City Hall Wedding

I met Keara and Tara in the Boston City Hall on a wildly windy Thursday afternoon. Keara and Tara had been together for many years, and decided to make it official due to having to live apart for the next couple months. Sweetly, both of them surprised each other with personalized proposals on Thursday morning, so when I found them, they were sitting on a bench fiddling with their new rings anxiously awaiting the ceremony. When their names were called, we made our way past the desks to the office, where they went over the details then took their places in front of the bookshelf. All at once the reality and weight of the moment hit as they each said their vows smiling; full of joy, excitement, and confidence in their choice to be together. After the ceremony they cheered, grabbed the paperwork, and with a skip in their step exited the offices for a post-ceremony portrait session. While the hurricane-like weather outside may have intimidated us at first, we quickly got creative and made the best of it, ending being thankful for the soft lighting and rain. After finding some surprisingly interesting and unique settings inside city hall, we made our way to the Boston Public Gardens. The gardens, usually swarming with people, were practically empty, which was incredible! Balancing a camera, backpack, and umbrella may have proved challenging, but it was totally worth it. Congratulations Keara and Tara, it was wonderful working with such a loving and inspirational couple- enjoy your photos!