Haemee and Jaeyual's Wedding at the MIT Chapel and Catalyst in Boston MA

Haemee and Jaeyual had been together 11 years (!!) when they got married a few weeks ago in Boston. Even though they currently live in NYC and have family all over, they brought everyone to Boston (where they went to school) to say their vows. This was my first time shooting a wedding at the MIT chapel, which is truly a work of art...if you haven't been....go! It's open to the public all day every day. After the chapel, we took a massive group photo in the one piece of shade we could find, took some photos around campus, then made our way to the restaurant Catalyst, a beautiful, modern space with incredible food. Throughout the reception, Haemee and Jaeyual were surrounded by love and support, laughter and happiness. Congratulations Haemee and Jaeyual- and enjoy the photos!