Christine & Tim's Dorchester Wedding

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The first thing that comes to mind for this couple is...FUN! Christine and Tim had a big bridal party- and they were all ready for a good time. I met the ladies at Christine's wonderful aunt's home, who kindly helped orient us to the day. The bridesmaids were hilarious, and the flower girl was one of the cutest I have seen!

Next we headed over to Tim's aunt's home- a big family with a whole lot of hospitality. We felt so welcome everywhere we went. The guys were well on their way to having an epic day and great sports about taking lots of photos.

St. Ann Church was...stunning. Huge, cathedral like, with stunning stained glass windows. The ceremony was beautiful and very touching, honoring lost heroes and the freedom and safety that we have because of them.

When we left the church we were met with an incredibly intense sky...dark and light clouds mixing together...I checked my phone and saw "Tornado Watch in Dorchester"...oh boy...we were on our way to take formal shots at Pope John's park! Tim jumped into action, getting everyone efficiently on their way to try to beat the storm. Tim is a Marine, and spends much of his time on boats, often watching the sky. He knew we might be caught in a downpour, and carefully tracked it for the next hour. When we got to the park we rushed down to the bank to take photos as efficiently as possible, lightning in the distance, wind gusting intensely. You might think this was a recipe for disaster, but everyone had excellent attitudes and a whole lot of good luck. The storm JUST missed us, and we managed to only get touched by a few drops of rain. The storm cleared right in time for a beautiful sunset, which we enjoyed in the quiet moments before the upcoming reception.

The reception took place in Florian Hall, a hall with a huge dance floor, stage, and excellent food. Christine and Tim enjoyed their first dance, father-mother dance, daughter-mother dance, and a special anniversary dance. After the cake was cut, the main lights dimmed and the party lights came on- cousins, friends, and family members enthusiastically made their way to the dance floor. The night ended just as is should have for this beautiful, fun couple- good music, fun dancers, and smiles all around.