Andrea and Ayelet's Wedding at the Mariott in Cambridge, MA

Andrea and Ayelet were married at the Boston Mariott in Cambridge, MA on a beautifully dramatic rainy day. The day started with the couple getting ready in a beautiful bridal suite, surrounded by their wedding party and family. Andrea and Ayelet went to separate rooms to don their dresses and record their vows. Next, we arranged a first look, perfectly lit in the area outside of their reception space. Afterwards, the rain broke for just a few minutes, just in time for a few portraits outside. Ayelet and Andrea were married surrounded by their closest family, in the signing of their Ketubah, which was followed by a heartfelt ceremony. We would have never guessed what happened next- the most epic night of constant dancing we have ever seen! Their band put on an incredible show, which Andrea joined for a harmonic solo for her father. We couldn't be more honored to have captured this incredible, love-filled, wedding. Congratulations Andrea and Ayelet, we know your love will last a lifetime, and more. 

The Scanlon Anniversary Brunch at the Concord Inn in Concord MA

Kelly and Ryan celebrated their one year anniversary at the Colonial Inn in Concord, MA. Beforehand, we did a portrait session with their families, complete with adorable nieces! Though it was raining outside, it was warm, bright, and lovely inside. We explored and took photos throughout the first floor, and found so many gem's in this beautiful, historic, setting. Congratulations Kelly and Ryan! Enjoy your portraits :)

Amanda and David's Wedding at the Avon Century Barn in Avon New York

Amanda and Dave had their Wedding at the Avon Century Barn in Avon New York on a beautiful summer day. To start the day, Amanda and her crew got ready at A.R. Beauty Bar in Livonia NY, where they had their hair and makeup perfectly crafted with a vintage flair. Once Amanda donned her first incredible dress, we made our way to the first look and wedding portraits at Vitale Park in Livonia. Amanda and Dave's wedding took place in front of the gorgeous Avon Century Barn farm house, with spectacular white columns. Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed vintage lawn games during the cocktail hour. Next, the band began and so did the dancing! Amanda and her friends were incredible swing dancers, and her sparkly dress lit up the dance-floor beautifully. Right as the skies started becoming dramatic, Amanda switched to her second dress, a stunning beaded gown. Throughout the night, Amanda and Dave were surrounded by love, dancing, great food, smiles, and an incredible, hour long sunset. Congratulations Amanda and Dave, it was an honor to capture your spectacular vintage themed wedding! Enjoy your sneak peak :)

Carlotta and Ken's Wedding at the Wadsworth Homestead in Geneseo New York

Ken and Carlie were married on June 23rd at the Wadsworth Homestead in Geneseo New York. The weather was intensely beautiful throughout the day, cloudy while they were getting ready, with a burst of bright and beautiful sun just in time for the ceremony under the mighty Oak Tree on the West lawn. The ceremony was just like Carlie and Ken, full of beauty, laughter, and the clearest sense of love you have ever felt. Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed a cocktail hour on the West Porch while Carlie and Ken had their family portraits captured among the trees. Later, a fun filled reception full of light and dancing rolled on through the night- right alongside a wild rainstorm outside- it felt like being on a boat in the ocean during a storm in a fantastic way! I know Carlie and Ken are lucky, because the rain let up for perfect portrait pockets surrounding sunset. We got incredible skies and a fog (discovered by Ken) like we've never seen at the Homestead. We took photos right into the night outdoors, they're a must see. Congratulations Ken and Carlie, we feel so lucky to have been a part of your big day! 

Chirag and Daisy's Maternity Session in the Arnold Arboretum in Boston MA

After taking Chirag and Daisy's engagement photos at dusk in the Boston commons in 2016, I was so delighted to hear from them again to capture this special moment in their lives. We met close to sunset in the Arnold Arboretum, finding a beautiful tropical looking expanse for the first part of our session. Later we explored the arboretum a bit, finding some beautiful light green bushes and gorgeous lighting. Congratulations Chirag and Daisy! I cannot wait to meet your little one!